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Glasshouse Candles are Triple Scented Grandeur!

Every Glasshouse Candle must achieve a "What is that Scent" compliment when someone enters the room!


  • Two sizes - Standard 350 gram & Mini Candle.
  • Twin cotton wicks.
  • Triple Scented - superior fragrance throw.
  • 80 hour burn times.
  • Glass sealed lid.
  • Gift Carton packaging.


  • Weight: One kilogram.
  • Contents: 350 grams.
  • Carton size: 15 by 10.5 centimetres.

Choose from exhilarating Floral, Gourmand, Fougere, and Eau de Cologne fine fragrances.

Ingredients are Vegan-friendly; free of Pegs, Para-ben Preservatives, Animal by-products.

Join the many Glasshouse Candle lovers and light one today.

Sales: Buy Glasshouse Scented Candles Online from Moonlight Candle Shop Sydney.

Delivery: Sydney Metropolitan 24 hours. Brisbane/Melbourne - 2 days.

Please visit Ordering for secure payment options.

Telephone 0419 001 324.

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Glasshouse 'Le Cabaret' Candle.

Simply the Best!

New - Glasshouse Limited Edition 'Le Cabaret' Candle!

'Le Cabaret' is inspired by the passion and excesses of Paris

Stunning design and rich Artwork.

Oriental fragrance.

Top: Apple, Grapefruit, Bergamot,

Middle: Black Pepper, Violet, Lily of the Valley.

Bottom: Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Cedarwood

Glamour and Perfume at it's best!

Only Limited Stock.

Special Offer: Buy 2 and receive a complimentary Mini Kyoto Candle.

A Layby facility is available!

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Glasshouse Triple Scented Candles, Bath and Home Fragrance.

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Glasshouse Hong Kong - Limited Edition Candles.

Be Vibrant!

Be dazzled with the Glasshouse Hong Kong Candles!

East meets West - Day meets Night!

Available in impressive, Day or Night designs.

Oriental Fragrance.

 Top: Orange Zest, Dewy Greens and Bergamot. 

Middle: Ginger, Jasmine and Magnolia.

Bottom: Green Tea/Foliage and crushed Tonka Bean.

Discover the mysterious fragrance of the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

Save by buying one of each!

Best Price - Glasshouse 3 Pack Candles.


Glasshouse 3 Pack Candle promotion!

Choose any 3 Candles.

Australia's best price from $33.32 each delivered.

Limited Editions excluded.

Total price to (WA, NT, Central and North QLD) is $109.90.

NSW, VIC, SA, TAS - $99.95.

Courier requires signature on delivery.

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Glasshouse Candles Bulk Buy.

Large 350 Grams size!

Buy Glasshouse Candles in Bulk!

Purchase any combination of 12 Candles @ $29.95 each or 18 @ $27.95 each plus delivery cost.

Bulk Buy excludes Limited Editions.


Save money by buying Australia's premium Candle in bulk.

Other areas not listed will incur various freight charges.

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Conditions: Resellers excluded from this offer.

When ordering please Email your Glasshouse Candle choices or advise in "Comments" on Order.

Amalfi Coast - Glasshouse Sea Mist Candle.


Bring an aquatic freshness into your living room!

The outstanding Glasshouse  Amalfi Coast - Sea Mist scented Candle!   

The Candle Wax is an inviting pastel ocean blue colour.  It comes scented with Freesia, Tarragon and Thyme top notes, Lime and Lavender middle and Patchouli and Musk base notes.

Twin wicks melt the wax out to the glass sides and deliver intense fragrance. Enjoy Eighty hours of burn time. Try Amalfi, Hand Creams and Body Bars.

Glasshouse Bora Bora - Cilantro & Orange Candles.

Sophisticated Cologne!

Relax with Glasshouse Cilantro & Orange scented 'Bora Bora' Candles.

A refreshing scent! Fragrance inspired by the famous 'Bora Bora' south pacific Polynesian Islands.

Bora is a smooth Eau De Cologne. 

The scent includes top notes of Orange Zest and Cilantro Leaves; middle notes of Galbanum Resin, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Bean and Clementine.

Bordeaux Candle - Glasshouse Vanilla Noir.

Enhance your day!

Exquisite Glasshouse Bordeaux Vanilla Noir gourmand aroma Candle.

A delicious and sophisticated addictive aroma. Light up a Glasshouse Bordeaux Candle and indulge yourself in Hazelnut, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and decadent Anise scent.

Pamper yourself in the bathroom with a Bordeaux Soap Bar and Hand Cream.

Glasshouse Caracas Candle - Frangipani.


The Glasshouse Caracas Frangipani fragrance is fabulous in a Candle!

A fiery but sweet tropical Frangipani floral scent.

The Caracas Candle is authentic!  Relish in Bergamot, Coconut, Orange, Grapefruit, 'Ylang Ylang' with Vanilla on a Musk foundation.

A fine perfume for the four seasons. 

Glasshouse Candles come with neoprene sealed lids. Your Candle will remain crisp and fresh.

Chicago - Glasshouse Chocolate Fudge Brownie Candle.


The new Glasshouse Chicago Chocolate Fudge Brownie Candle is for Gourmand lovers!

Saturate your living space with a gorgeous aroma. Think creamy, gooey Chocolate Fudge. You will love the Glasshouse Chicago Brownie Candle. Enjoy a delicious blend of Choc Fudge, Coconut, Caramel, Vanilla and selected Nuts.

Glasshouse Cuba Candle.

The Glasshouse Cuba Candle is back by popular demand!

Your senses will enliven with the Cuba energetic blend.

Fragrance Notes: 

Top: Cherry and Tangerine.

Middle: Pineapple and Grapefruit.

Base: Indian Ginger Root and Amber.

Energize with the Glasshouse 350 gram Destination Candle!

Esperence - Glasshouse Mimosa & Wild Apple Candles.

Excruciatingly exotic!

Pamper your nose with the superb Glasshouse Esperence Mimosa & Wild Apple perfumed Candles.

A garden bouquet of Red Apple, Wild Plum, Pear Nectar, Cherry Blossom, Mimosa and Carnation.

This glorious amalgam also includes, Sandalwood, Amber and White Musk fragrances.

Try Esperance in a "Mini" Candle.

For enhanced performance, burn your Candle for 3 hours then trim the wicks before re-lighting. Enjoy a constant luxury scent and even burning.

Glasshouse Galapagos Candle - Kaffir Lime & Cocoa Butter.

Don't forget this fragrance!

Glasshouse Galapagos is a light yet sophisticated Eau de Cologne.

Kaffir Lime, Lemon Verbena and Kumquat are mixed with Rock Melon and Jasmine scent on a Coco Butter base. Try Galapagos in a Mini Candle. "Miami" is another that most enjoy.

Glasshouse Mini Candles.

Glasshouse Mini Candles are adorable!

Mini's are well presented and available in fourteen exceptional scents. Try new fragrances or enjoy your favourite in smaller areas of your home. Take them along when you travel or present them as a gorgeous gift for someone special. Glasshouse Scented Candles are manufactured to high standards. The neoprene sealed Lid holds the scent until you light your Candle. Compare the product!

Moonlight Tip: Your cute little Mini Candle is a gem! After use wash the jar in warm soapy water and reuse as a decorative canister.

The container is 5.7 cm round and 6.5 tall. Contents = 60 grams.

The RRP = $18.95. Moonlight's price $16.95.

Check out the bulk buy

Glasshouse Kakadu Candle - Water Lily.

Relax with Kakadu.

The remarkable Glasshouse Kakadu Water Lily Candle provides a soft but sweet floral fragrance.

Fresh Lilies, Green Leaves, Fir Balsam, White Iris and Snow Peach, gathered on a foundation of Musk, Blonde Woods and Moss. The floral scent takes one away to a peaceful waterside picnic. Try this smooth fragrance in the soap Bars and Hand Creme's 

Are you selling your home? Burn a Kakadu Candle during Open Day and enhance the ambience.

Relish in exotic Glasshouse perfumed Candles for around 47 cents per hour.

Glasshouse Kyoto Candle

A love story!

Enjoy a love story with the Glasshouse Kyoto Candle.

Kyoto is the scent of an untold story. The forbidden lust and love between an Emperor and a common girl. It is brought to life by Kyoto's sensual blend.

"For a truly sacred experience" - Nicole Eckels, Creative Director, Glasshouse.

Top notes: Fresh Lime, Bergamot and Citrus.

Middle: Camellia and Lotus.

Base: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla.

Glasshouse Leura Candle - Jasmine Blossoms.

Luscious Leura!

Embrace the arrival of spring with a Glasshouse Leura Candle!

Leura - Jasmine Blossoms is a flowery bouquet of rich floral fragrance. A delightful blend of rich Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot, and Lilac on a sweet Musk base. This essence has Vigor!

"Leura" celebrates the charming scenery of the Australian Blue Mountains spring when its rolling valleys and gardens revive themselves from the frosty chill of winter.

Often we are asked "What is the best Glasshouse Scent? " Answer - They are all fantastic but we love "Leura"

Manhattan Candle - Glasshouse Little Black Dress.


Pamper yourself! The Glasshouse Little Black Dress Manhattan Candle is an elegant acquisition!

A floral bouquet! Manhattan is a conglomerate of selected Orchids, Rose, Musk and blood Oranges. The rich perfumes make this Candle one of the top sellers. Enjoy the soft yet luxurious perfume.

Glasshouse Marseille Candle - Gardenia.

French Affluence!

Try the gorgeous Glasshouse Marseille gardenia scent Candle.

Hyacinth, Neroli, Casaba Melon blended with Gardenia, Carnation and Tuberose. Base notes of Sandalwood, Myrrh, Clove Bud and Cardamon complete this delicate fresh cologne. Set the mood for a new start or just sheer pleasure. A fine, feminine perfume! Enjoy Marseille with a Scented Room Diffuser. Glasshouse fragrant Candles are hand crafted in Sydney Australia and use non toxic lead free cotton wicks.           

Monet's Garden - Glasshouse Tuberose Candles.

A floral gift!

A paradise of flowers!

Glasshouse Monet's Garden Candles are just gorgeous!                           

Relax with an impressive mix of Ylang Ylang, Logan Berry, Lavender and Tuberose!

The Monet's Garden Candle, inspired by, the artist's garden. A Japanese bridge with Wisterias, Roses, Hollyhocks, Daisies and Poppies span his stunning Water Lily Pond. The Garden made famous by Claude Monet's paintings.

Glasshouse Monte Carlo Candle.

Be Affluent!

Step up to the Glasshouse Monte Carlo - Fig & Guava Oriental Candle!

Monte Carlo: Two words that evoke a dream world of high rollers and wealthy fashion. Join this magical place of mountains and sea, the Setting of the rich and famous. Revel in a highbrow blend of Fruity Fig, Apple Guava, Rose and Cinnamon ingredients with a Sandalwood, Green Amber and Jasmine base. 

This perfume is exorbitant! 

Glasshouse Montego Bay Candle - Coconut Lime.

Coconut charisma!

Glasshouse Montego Bay is refreshing and intoxicating! Nothing else compares to this triple scented Coconut Lime aroma Candle.

An extraordinary scent, that has, Lime and Lemon top notes, Vanilla and Amber middle and Coconut and Mandarin Orange base.

Your Glasshouse 350 gram Montego Bay Candle will excel when burns are 3 - 4 hours.

The best Home Fragrance products are made in Australia!

Glasshouse Oahu Candles - Lima Milk & Honey.


Glasshouse Oahu lima Milk & Honey Candles are fine and delicately perfumed.

Customers describe Oahu as "The beautiful Baby Powder Candle."

Oahu is milk scented with Orange Blossoms, Heliotrope, Violet, Raspberry Leaf and Narcissus. The base includes powdery Musk, Amber and Honey. Try the "Baby Powder" in the Hand Cream and Body Bar.

Glasshouse Positano - Verbena Basil Candle.


Escape to a Seaside Oasis! The Glasshouse Verbena and Basil fragrant Candle will refresh.

The perfume is a glorious amalgam of Mandarin, Lime and Basil blended with Verbena, Bergamot and Lily of the Valley on a firm Oakmoss base.

Glasshouse Positano Candle -  inspired by the small picturesque village of white houses and olive trees perched in the hills of Positano - Campania Italy. Ancient pathways wind downwards to the waters of the Mediterranean, one of the world's most enchanting places. This scent is a reminder of the Seaside Oasis. Available in both Candles and Diffusers.

Glasshouse Rio de Janeiro - Passionfruit & Lime Candle.

Join the Carnival!

Reminisce with Glasshouse Passionfruit & Lime perfumed Rio de Janeiro Candles.                

The fragrance is an amalgam of Rose, Melon, Raspberry and Orange with Lime and sweet Passionfruit. The Candle comes in a fantastic colour and is a welcoming gift. Enjoy this fascinating concoction in a Candle or Diffuser. Glasshouse Rio de Janeiro -  based on the city of Rio, a place where rugged mountains, white-sand beaches and verdant rainforests front a deep blue sea. This paradise has enchanted visitors for centuries.

Glasshouse Saigon Lemongrass Candle.

The new Glasshouse Lemongrass Saigon Candle delivers a vibrant and energetic scent!

Saigon contains Lemongrass blended with Bergamot, Orange and Lime ingredients.

Now available in a Glasshouse Hand Wash.

Tahaa - Glasshouse Vanilla Caramel Candle.

The best Vanilla Caramel!

Experience a concentrated Vanilla Caramel aroma with the Glasshouse Tahaa scented Candle.                        

Have you had enough of winter? Escape to French Polynesia with the Polynesian inspired Glasshouse triple scented Candle.

Floral Notes include Vanilla, Frankincense and Nutmeg as well as Guaiac Wood, Coconut and Sugar Cane. Tahaa combines a signature fragrance of fresh Coconut, Caramel and Frankincense for a magical island rendezvous.

Glasshouse Wick Trimmer

Glasshouse  Wick Trimmer for Candles.
Precision Tool!

The Glasshouse Wick Trimmer is a brilliant tool for serious Candle users.

The Trimmer enables Wicks to be trimmed to the correct length every time.

Candles, whether they are Pillar or Jar styles will burn longer and more efficiently.

Buy an Impressive Glasshouse product in a notable gift carton. The packet size is 19 cm wide by 60 high.

Home Fragrance Diffuser.

Continuous Fragrance 24/7.
Try Glasshouse Diffusers for continuous home fragrance.

This premier product is best for those larger areas in your home. The fragrances are ideal for both men and women.

Choose from ten triple strength scents. Twelve Reed sticks, are provided, for scent diffusion. Diffusers are available in two sizes: 500 or 250 millilitre. The large diffuser will dispense fragrance for up to six months.

A Luxury Gift!

Hand Creams.

Exquisite Creme's!

Luxurious Hand Creme's.

Please view the range of Hand & Body Creme.

An ideal addition to the Glasshouse Scented Candles collection.

Circa Home Fragrances.


Circa Home Fragrances is another Australian Brand Name.

To view Circa Fragrances, please click on the image. 

Natural Home Candles, Reed Diffusers, Everyday Soaps, Scented Sachets and the "Florence Broadhurst" special edition.

Body Bars.


Nourishing Body Bars.

Please navigate to the Glasshouse Body Bar page to view the fragrance range.