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One of our favourites!

Glasshouse Caracas Candle - Frangipani

Glasshouse Frangipani is just fabulous Fragrance!

No longer available


A fiery but sweet tropical floral Attar!

If you love floral scent, then we recommend Caracas

Fragrance Layers:

Top: Bergamot & Frangipani

Middle: Orange, Grapefruit, and Coconut

Base: Vanilla, Rose, Musk, Muguet, Mimosa, Pettit Grain, and Ylang-Ylang.

Caracas Features:

Twin Wicks & Triple Scented

80 Hours Burn Time.

Robust Gift Box.

Instruction booklet.

Neoprene sealed lid - Handy glass container (After use)


Weight: 1 Kilogram.

Candle Contents: 350 grams.

Size: 11 cm high, 9.2 cm diameter.

Similar Fragrances are Amalfi Coast, Esperance, Kakadu, Manhattan, Marseille, Monets Garden and Oahu.

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