Glasshouse Body Bar

Glasshouse Body Bar

Buy the famous Glasshouse Body Bar and be overwhelmed!

Glasshouse Scented Body Bars are a glorious everyday indulgence.

Be impressed with the intense fragrance that lasts on your skin.

Made in Sydney, using high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world.

Superbly presented and exceptional value!

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Glasshouse Soap Multi Pack

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0001
NSW 1-2 Days
Save on Economical Glasshouse Soap Multi Pack!

Glasshouse Amalfi Coast Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0002
NSW 1-2 Days

Glasshouse Amalfi Coast is Freesia, Lavender and Lime!

Glasshouse Manhattan Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0008
NSW 1-2 Days
Glasshouse/ bar/manhatton

Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress is Affluent!

Glasshouse Marseille Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0009
NSW 1-2 Days
Glas/ bar/marseille

The Glasshouse Marseille Body Bar is glorious Gardenia!

Glasshouse Montego Bay Soap

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0010
NSW 1-2 Days
Glass/ bar/montego

Glasshouse Montego Bay Coconut & Lime is unusual!

Glasshouse Oahu Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0012
NSW 1-2 Days
Glass/ bar/oahu

Glasshouse Oahu - Llima Milk and Honey is unsurpassed!


Glasshouse Tahaa Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
NSW 1-2 Days
tahaa body bar

Glasshouse Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Body Bar is daring!

Glasshouse Bora Bora Soap

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0003
NSW 1-2 Days

Glasshouse "Bora Bora" Soap - Cilantro and Orange Blossom!


Glasshouse Bordeaux Soap - Vanilla Noir

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0004
NSW 1-2 Days
Glass/ bar/bordeaux

The Glasshouse Bordeaux Soap oozes Vanilla Scent!

Discontinued by Manufacturer

Glasshouse Galapagos Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0006
NSW 1-2 Days
Glass/ bar/galapagos
Sophisticated Cologne!

The Glasshouse Galapagos Body Bar is Different!

Discontinued by manufacturer

Glasshouse Kakadu Body Bar

Glasshouse Fragrances
77 0007
NSW 1-2 Days
Glass/ bar/kaladu

Glasshouse Kakadu Water Lily is fascinating!

Discontinued by Manufacturer