Candle Safety

Candle Safety Guide

Candles are great instruments for adding Mood, light and/or Scent. But due to molten wax, heat and flames, precautions must be taken.

Before lighting your Candle, choose a non flammable location. Do not sit the Candle on a burnable surface.

Always have your burning Candle within eyesight

Burning Candles, Children and Pets are a Safety hazard

Avoid using in drafty areas.

Never leave a Candle unattended

Make sure wicks are vertical before lighting

Never move a burning Candle, make sure it has cooled down and in a solid state before touching.

If in the event of fire don't use water to extinguish, Smothering or a suitable fire extinguisher is recommended.

Glass Jar Candles become hot and will burn fingers if touched.

Adhere strictly to manufacturers instructions.

Do not use a damaged Candle, especially if the Glass Container is cracked.

Safe practices should also be undertaken when using Oil or Melt Burners, Melts, Oils and Tea Lights.

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Omnia Erimus Omnia Erimus
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