Glasshouse Limited Edition 700 Gram Candles

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Glasshouse Super Size Candles will impress! 



Buy the ultimate Super Candle!

These are fabulous!

The Candle weighs just over 2 kilograms

The Jar Size is 18 cm with Lid

Diameter (Width) at Base - 12 cm on the outside, 10.5 Inside

The Glass Ball on the Lid is 2.5 cm and very optical

In comparison the standard 350 grams Candle is 15 cm, Base - 10, Inside - 8.5.

The 700 Gram Candle Gift Carton is fitted with a thick inner cell to hold the Candle securely.

As always, a brilliant product from Glasshouse Fragrances

It is worth buying the Super Size to gain a useful large Glass Sealed Container for the Larder, and if you do the calculations of cost per Gram, the Super Sized is about $10.00 cheaper than standard 350 Gram Candle.

Burn Time is up to 160 hours

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