Pillar Candles - Pastel Colours

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Prestige German Pastel Pillar Candles!

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Are you are searching for "Top of the Market" German Unscented Pillar Candles?

Engels Pillar Candles are ideal for Weddings, or Formal Events where gorgeous Pastel finishes are required.

There are colours for every occasion -

Rose, Mint, Pebble, and Lavender.

The Candles are finished in a unique Rustic Raked finish. Please view the second image for close up.

Other Sizes are available on request -

6 X 12 cm = 30 hours.

8 X 12 cm = 50 "

8 X 15 cm = 68 "

8 X 20 cm = 95 "

Buy the Best Pastel coloured Pillar Candles Online at Moonlight. 

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