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Moonlight Candles Australia ® ACN 058 282 616 - Terms and Conditions

Your access to and use of this site, including your order of products through this site is governed by these terms and conditions.

You agree to comply with all relevant laws relating to your use of the site and your placement of any order through this Website.

Any order placed through this site for a product or products is an offer by you to purchase the particular product/s for the price notified. And includes the delivery conditions and other charges and taxes at the time you place an order.

In certain circumstances, we may need to reject an order. This may occur where the requested product is not available or if an error exists in the price of the product description posted on the website. If we reject an order placed through the Site, we will try to contact the person who placed the order within a reasonable time.

Each order placed for product/s through the site that we accept results in a separate binding agreement between you and us for the supply of the products.

You agree that - By placing an Order by Telephone, Email or Online and supplying us with your Credit or Debit Card details, you are authorizing us " Moonlight Candles Australia" to deduct funds from your Card to cover the Order total cost. If you have received your order and wish to return it or part thereof for a refund, funds will be promptly returned to you only when we have received the products. In any dispute, where the "Purchaser" cancels a Credit or Debit Card transaction post receipt of the Order items from Moonlight Candles Australia, the "Order" items remain the property of Moonlight Candles Australia. In such a situation Legal proceedings will commence if the customer refuses to return items to us.

We may ask you to provide additional details or confirm your details to enable us to process your order.

To combat Credit Card fraud we sometimes ask for identification - eg  A photo of your licence.

You agree to provide current, complete and exact details when asked to do so by this site.
We require that you be present to receive the order or acknowledge and agree that any person at the delivery address who receives the product/s is allowed by you to receive your order.  We Moonlight Candles Australia require that all parcels sent to you need a signature at the point of delivery. The person who submitted the order must write the signature. Or a person nominated by the purchaser to act for and on behalf of the purchaser. The name and address of the person nominated are to be supplied "in written format" to Moonlight Candles Australia® You agree to ensure that the delivery address as supplied to us on your order - the above requirements can be met.
Additional Delivery Conditions - Please visit Ordering.
Please view Layby for Lay-Buy Terms & Conditions.
If a product/s is damaged, we may require (for insurance) that you provide a photograph and signed written advice advising of the damaged item/s.
In the case of products damaged a refund or replacement product sent. We must receive claims within 48 hours of delivery otherwise; the claim will not be honoured.
You agree that if you change your mind after receiving items ordered and seek a refund or another product or products supplied, all inwards and outwards freight charges will be met by the purchaser. 
You must not pay, or attempt to pay, for products through any fraudulent or unlawful means. 
You agree not to use another person's Credit Card or Bank account details for purchasing from Moonlight Candles Australia. To view our Payment options, please visit - Ordering 
 Product use.
You agree that items such as Candles purchased from Moonlight Candles Australia are flammable, and you accept responsibility to take due care when using these products.
You agree not to buy any products from this site to re-sell.
You agree to indemnity Moonlight Candles Australia and its employees, agents and independent contractors for a total loss, damage, costs and expenses arising from any breach of the above terms.
Copyright: Images and written material on this website are the properties of Moonlight Candles Australia. Periodically, such material is supplied to us from the suppliers of the product with their permission.
To copy from this website infringes Copyright laws. "Moonlight Candles Australia" is a registered Australian Trade Mark.
We reserve the right to amend or update the "Terms and Conditions" under the heading "Terms" without notice.